Renault Tour

Demonstration 1 – Ultimate is a high dynamic performance simulator with a real Twingo cabin, a 210° field of view screen and an electro-mechanic motion system based of 6 DOF hexapod and 2 DOF X/Y table rendering on 7m x 7m at 0.5 g. Click here to see ULTIMATE page on the DSA website.

Adaptive Cruise Control Demonstration: Interfaced with a real time platform linked to virtual CAN vehicle network making possible to run real model and electronic parts, the demonstration presents the Adaptive Cruise Control function with associated ECU and cluster on a highway driving, illustrating how ADAS are designed and validated using a HIL dynamic driving simulator.

Demonstration 2 – IRIS is a 70 M 3D pixels high performance 5 Sided, (3m X 3m X 3m) CAVE™ (Cave Automatic Virtual Environments) with exceptional display characteristics in terms of resolution, contrast and luminosity.

Interactive immersive driving demonstration with a digital mockup (Catia) in an interactive immersive driving environment (SCANeR Studio). The participants will follow a  adapted scenario in high definition 3D urban database in driving conditions in real time at 60 Hz.